Healthy Chicken BurgersBurgers can be healthy. Using lean chicken, healthy fats, lots of vegetables and whole grains rolls makes this dish highly nutritious AND delicious!
Healthy Homemade BurgersBurgers can be healthy. This homemade burger is rich in nutrients like protein, iron and fibre, while not compromising at all on flavour.
Tomato, Spinach and Mushroom ToastieThis juicy but crunchy sandwich will have your gut celebrating with its high dose of fibre, omega-3 and probiotics in the vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and fermented sourdough and yoghurt.
Falafel, Tabouli and Hommus WrapThis recipe can be made from scratch or by using pre-bought ingredients. Either way, it is delicious, high in fibre and healthy.
Mediterranean Breakfast BurritoStart your day right with this spicy dish. Rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats and a range of micronutrients like calcium and vitamin C, this meal will please your taste buds, bones, gut and immune system.
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