Healthy Cottage PieWe have taken a classic recipe and added extra vegetables to boost the fibre and micronutrient goodness!
Healthy Chicken BurgersBurgers can be healthy. Using lean chicken, healthy fats, lots of vegetables and whole grains rolls makes this dish highly nutritious AND delicious!
Chickpea and Vegetable SoupThis soup is one of my favourites as it is loaded with veggies and gut-loving spices, which make it naturally sweet but grounded at the same time. The chickpeas add plant-based protein and an extra boost of fibre. So tasty!
Chicken & Vegetable PastaThis pasta is fresh and creamy but still healthy. It is low Glycaemic Index (GI) and the perfect recovery dish for after intense exercise. It is a family favourite at my house and an easy way to encourage the kids to eat their veggies.
Prebiotic Eggplant and Chickpea CurryA wholesome dish full of prebiotics that will help keep the good bugs in your gut happy and strong. It is also rich in spices that can help reduce any inflammation in the body.
Baked Eggs with Lentils (Shakshuka)This hearty dish can easily be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Eggs and lentils (the two main ingredients) are both highly nutritious foods while also incredibly versatile.
Baked Salmon & Brussels SproutsThis simple one-tray recipe is packed full of healthy omega-3 fats, fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K, making it a great immune-boosting meal.
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