Untoasted MuesliA nutritious breakfast option without the inclusion of added sugars and preservatives!
Vegetable and Chickpea FrittersThis recipe can be enjoyed at any meal time and will leave you feeling satisfied for hours with its high fibre and protein composition.
Ricotta, Fig and Honey ToastThis tasty recipe is especially great for those who prefer sweeter breakfasts, and it still provides a solid dose of protein, fibre and calcium.
Baked Eggs with Lentils (Shakshuka)This hearty dish can easily be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Eggs and lentils (the two main ingredients) are both highly nutritious foods while also incredibly versatile.
Tomato, Spinach and Mushroom ToastieThis juicy but crunchy sandwich will have your gut celebrating with its high dose of fibre, omega-3 and probiotics in the vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and fermented sourdough and yoghurt.
Happy Gut BreadOur very own Happy Gut Bread will have your gut bugs singing! Loaded with only good stuff, there is no need for guilt as you enjoy it's naturally sweet flavours. It is nutritious and very satisfying as a snack and you can make it as a loaf or muffins for lunch boxes.
The Gut Health Dietitian GranolaGranola is not usually something we recommend but this version uses tahini rather than excess sugar to give it flavour and hold it together. It is high in fibre and perfect to use as a topper on yoghurt.
Gut Healthy Wholemeal Banana MuffinsRated 'the best ever banana muffins' by my kids, these little beauties are so light, delicious and tasty that it is hard to believe that they are good for you (and your gut)!
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More great recipes coming soon