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Menu Plans and Planning Your Week Ahead

Week One Menu Plan and Prep

The ‘Hour of Power’ Planning your week ahead for Good Mood Success

Week Two Menu Plan and Prep

The ‘Hour of Power’ Planning your week ahead for Good Mood Success

Week Three Menu Plan and Prep

The ‘Hour of Power’ Planning your week ahead for Good Mood Success

Week Four Menu Plan and Prep

The ‘Hour of Power’ Planning your week ahead for Good Mood Success


Shopping Lists

Staples – Pantry, Fridge, Freezer

Shopping Lists for Week 1-4


Shopping List Template

Menu Plan Template


Belly Breathe

Belly Breathe

Be Present

Be Present

Body Sense

Body Sense





What is Food Chemical Intolerance?

An intolerance is triggered by various natural food chemicals and/or additives found in many different foods and does not involve the body’s immune system.

The Mini-Guide to Ultimate Gut Health

Some of the signs that you’ve got intestinal issues can be obvious, like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or heartburn, while other signs can be less noticeable.

What is Depression?

It is normal to feel sad, low or down in response to life events, but these feelings usually pass. When someone experiences depression however, these feelings become more intense, last longer than a two-week period…

Fact Sheets

Good Gut Trends for 2019

These days, there is so much information available on how to nourish your gut that it can be difficult to keep track. Buying a probiotic supplement used the only way to boost good bacteria in our gut; we now have a whole range of options for gut-friendly foods and a longer than ever list to bring with us on the grocery run. 

How to Build and Sustain Healthy Habits to Feed Your Gut at Home and Work

The key is to start slowly, recognise which habits align with yours values and fit with your lifestyle. You can choose one change at a time and gradually build on it when you’re comfortable. 

Label Reading

Label reading can appear daunting at first but with a few quick tips, it will help you to easily determine if a product is healthy or not. 

How to Ferment Your Own Vegetables

Almost any vegetable can be fermented, like cucumbers, cabbage and olives. During fermentation, lactic acid is produced, which give the food tartness and stops the growth of spoilage bacteria.

How to Eat a Mediterranean Diet when you are Vegan or Vegetarian 

The Mediterranean diet is not a fad diet. It is a nutrition approach with a wealth of strong, scientific evidence supporting its ability to positively influence both physical and mental health. 

The Importance of Mindful Eating 

Mindful eating encourages balance and choice, increases the enjoyment of food and allows you to connect with the positive emotions associated with food, such as pleasure.

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