Food trends that will emerge in 2021

Growing our own food will become more popular in 2021

2020 has been a year like no other. As we edge closer to the new year, our renewed view of the world will bring with it legacy habits and food trends.

Cooking at home

Being in lockdown with limited social movement has reignited our interest in cooking.

Will still want it to be easy and convenient and so one pot, one bowl and one tray wonders are now on the menu.

Meal kits from home delivery services have also increased in popularity.

This is likely to have positive effects on our health as we can limit sugar, salt, fat, and additives as well as boost the veggies and wholegrains.

Buying local (and homegrown)

Restrictions on travel have given us a new appreciation for buying local and supporting local producers and farmers as well as trying our hand at growing herbs and veggies at home.

This will deliver the bonus of reducing food miles and a negative impact on the environment.

Immune health

With our physical health in the spotlight this year, we will still be looking for ways to boost our health and resilience to infection in 2021.

With 70% of our immune cells residing in our gut, looking after our microbiome will play a key role here. While there is no magic ingredient or superfood, feeding our gut bacteria a wide variety of plant-based foods will ensure a good dose of fibre to do the job.

Plant-based proteins

An increased understanding of how our food choices can impact our planet will be on the radar in 2021.  This will encourage quality over quantity when it comes to meat consumption and a search for tasty alternatives on meat free days. We will see an increase in plant-based protein and veggie meals and snack options loaded with chickpeas!  The hottest ‘bean’ trend in years, including chickpea ice cream and snack bars.