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My Why

My purpose is to empower people to transform their lives by changing what they eat. I’m driven by the power of small and achievable daily changes that help people improve their gut health, with the flow-on effects improving everything from their mood to skin. read more>

The Power of Food

Our gut contains billions of different microbes which help to digest our food and produce useful waste products that reduce inflammation in our gut and body. What we feed our microbes every single day determines their ability to thrive – our microbiome can changed within 48-hours of changing our diet. Every time you eat, you have the opportunity to nourish your community of microbes. read more>

Food and Mood

The link between diet and mood is strengthening and we know that the gut and brain are in close contact through the gut-brain axis. Our gut health strongly impacts our brain health, with simple dietary approaches like the Mediterranean diet tied to better mood and mental health outcomes. read more>

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