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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire change and transform lives through nutrition. We are all about helping people understand how small daily changes can improve their digestive health and wellbeing and are driven to reach as many people as possible. read more>

We Know
Power in Food

Our gut contains billions of different microbes which help to digest our food and produce useful waste products that reduce inflammation and bolster immune function. When the microbes are out of balance, we may experience symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, digestive discomfort and even poor mood. read more>

What You Eat
Can Make a Huge Difference to the Way You Feel

The link between diet and mood is becoming stronger and stronger. It can be influenced by many things, such as nutrients in the foods we eat, the way our body’s process them and our emotional reactions or existing associations to certain foods, such as ‘pleasure’ with chocolate or ‘deprivation’ with diet foods.  read more>

Food, the
of Your

With almost double the number of Google searches for “Gut Heath” in the last 12 months, there is no doubt that we are all interested in the gut!  We have high hopes for future research into its links to chronic conditions, immunity, weight management and mental health.  And we are beginning to see signs of how the food we eat can play an integral role in to how well our gut functions and our overall wellbeing. read more>

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